fasting blood sample

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fasting blood sample

A laboratory specimen obtained after the patient has abstained from eating for a minimum of 8 hours.

Patient care

Fasting samples are used to gauge lipid levels and blood sugar, e.g., in the diagnosis and evaluation of diabetes mellitus or hypercholesterolemia.

Synonym: fasting blood draw; fasting blood test
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Immediately after the post training wash out period, fasting blood samples were collected again.
2 ml of fasting blood sample was collected venipuncture under aseptic precaution for fasting blood sugar (FBS).
Informed consent was taken from all the subjects and they were asked to be in a fasting state the next morning for collection of a fasting blood sample at the PMRC community Centre, village Budhni.
Physical measurements, clinical measurements and 12 hours fasting blood sample were taken, along with an interview for demographic information and physical activity on each visit.
An initial early morning, fasting blood sample was obtained for the measurement of fasting blood glucose and serum cholesterol levels prior to the administration of antipsychotic medication - conventional (Haloperidol) and atypical (Risperidone and Olanzapine).
Although their presence may not be apparent from a fasting blood sample, postprandial lipoproteins can still be a critically important instigator of vascular disease.
Fasting blood samples of the subjects were obtained for the estimation of serum NO levels.
Each PA parameter was related to inflammatory, endothelial, and adipokine markers extracted from fasting blood samples.
Fasting blood samples (14 hour fasting) were drawn for glucose and lipid profile.
The fasting blood samples were collected in laboratory and submitted there for lab analysis (Roche E-170 Vitamin B12 "ECLIA").
Non fasting blood samples were collected in the afternoon between 5-7 pm.