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1. A colloquial term for a clinic in which patients seeking care for nonacute conditions in the emergency department are triaged for medical or surgical attention; an urgent-care clinic affiliated with an emergency department.

Patient care

Fast-tracks are used by hospitals to limit overcrowding in emergency departments and reduce patients' waiting times. Patients with upper respiratory illnesses and minor trauma are commonly referred to fast-tracks, which permits emergency departments to focus on the critically or acutely ill.

2. A colloquial term for a more rapid evaluation and approval of a new or investigational agent than is allowed for most other new drugs.
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The biggest risk factors in fasttracking are the potential loss of control of budget and costs as well as high standards of quality and workmanship, which is why the decision to undertake fast-track construction is not for sissies.
Fast-track is in the process of fitting out the building before Storage King moves into the 64,000 sq ft space this month.
The Fast-Track Services portfolio will be expanded to include voice over IP and collaboration services.
The fast-track rates follow a ruling made by Sir Michael Turner, the judge who oversees the claims process.
Citing the possibility of revising a fast-tracked bill on repurposing investigative rights between the police and prosecution before it is passed, Cho said; "It is the Assembly's job to deal with this when reviewing the bill."
Hence, the South Korean company, Soosung, has been assigned to prepare the DPR for the 76-kilometre fast-track highway project.
Stephanie Bache, programme manager at Parsons, agrees: "Most current projects seem to be on the fast-track route.
Surrogate markers are a bigger problem in fast-track pathways because drugs are approved far earlier than usually happens.
Health Minister Giorgos Pamboridis said on Tuesday that the newly launched 'fast-track practice' at the Nicosia hospital's emergency department aiming at better serving patients was going back to the drawing board as it was poorly planned, and that trade unionswould have no say in the matter.