(fa-sē'ō-lid, fa-sī'),
A member of the family Fasciolidae.
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Absence of fasciolid eggs in stools by Kato-Katz and formalin-ether coprologic methods and lack of sonographic abnormalities were explained by the illness's early invasive phase, and negative serologic results were explained by the immunologic response heterogeneity in fascioliasis (4) or antigen deterioration.
The morphometric characteristics of the isolates were measured through a computer image analysis system (CIAS) based on the standardized measurements which are known to be suitable for the differentiation of both fasciolid species [18].
Previous studies demonstrated that molecular phylogeny with help of nucleotides of mtDNA, including NDI and COI, and rDNA, including ITS1 and ITS2 genes, can be effectively used for proper differentiation of fasciolids as well as elucidating the origin and source of the infection [4, 8,12, 19].
showed different patterns of RFLP for fasciolids [26].
Restriction enzyme mapping of ribosomal DNA can distinguish between Fasciolid (liver fluke) species.
Moreover, Cluster Analysis was also done by using SPSS Version 16.1 to find out the resemblance and relationship between fasciolid species.
intermedia) are phenotypically very similar to each other (Srimuzipo et al., 2000; Terasaki et al., 2000) and due to the presence of intra-species morphometric differences and significant overlaps of these indices between the two species, it is emphasized that morphometric measurements alone are insufficient for differential diagnosis of the fasciolid species.
Phenotypic analysis has been used most frequently to study the systematics of fasciolids infecting different vertebrate host species.
The study group consisted of 70 adult patients from the barangay (local government unit of 50-100 families) of Libertad, for whom fasciolid infections had been noted on previous surveys.
Ashrafi, A Survey on Human and Animal Fascioliasis And Genotypic and Phenotypic Characteristics of Fasciolids and their Relationship with Lymnaeid Snails in Gilan Province [Ph.D.
The environment and management have strong relationship with fasciolids and its intermediate host snail population (Mas-coma et al., 2001).
Most of these immunological tests proved to be sensitive enough to detect fasciolids infection during the prepatent period in ruminants.