fasciculata cell

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fas·ci·cu·la·ta cell

a cell of the zona fasciculata of the suprarenal cortex that contains numerous lipid droplets because of the presence of corticosteroids.
See also: spongiocyte (2).
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Fasciculata cells from group III contained numerous intact mitochondria and lipid droplets.
Fasciculata cells from group IV showed most cells with euchromatic nuclei with regular outline, numerous mitochondria with intact cristae, and numerous lipid droplets.
Caption: Figure 11: An electromicrograph of control zona fasciculata cells showing many mitochondria with vesicular cristae (M), smooth endoplasmic reticulum (S), lipid droplets (L), and a euchromatic nucleus with peripheral clumps of heterochromatin (N).
Except for a slight swelling of zona fasciculata cells, no obvious histologic changes could be observed after 24 hr of culture of tetracosactide-exposed slices, compared with noncultured slices fixed for histology immediately after slicing (Figure 5 A-B).
Ultrastructural examination of slices fixed immediately after sectioning revealed numerous mitochondria and smooth endoplasmatic reticulum (SER) in zona glomerulosa and zona fasciculata cells. In slices kept 24 hr in culture, we observed a reduced amount of SER in both zones.
This observation is particularly important because Me[SO.sub.2]-DDE is activated by CYP11B1, an enzyme residing in the mitochondrial inner membrane of zona fasciculata cells.
As demonstrated by electron microscopy, the mitochondrial membranes of zona fasciculata cells (the site of CYP11B1 localization) were vacuolated in the Me[SO.sub.2]-DDE treated slices.