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(fash'ē-ăl), Do not confuse this word with facial or faucial.
Relating to any fascia.

fasciae, fascial

See fascia.


Relating to any fascia.


(fash'ē-ăl) Do not confuse this word with facial or faucial.
Relating to any fascia.
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5) as well as the fascial attachments between the tibialis anterior muscle and the tibia were manipulated.
Yet, restrictions in fascial movement arise commonly, partly from the demands of modern day living.
Since that time, increasing trial data has emerged to allow us to draw the same conclusions regarding long-term outcomes of the retropubic and transobturator MUS and fascial slings.
Conclusion: Balloon dilators had shorter operation time, less bleeding, higher success rate of first expansion, less postoperative complications and shorter postoperative hospitalization than fascial dilators in PCNL.
Tonouchi et al reviewed 63 studies of trocar site hernias and concluded that a fascial defect more than 10 mm size should be closed including the peritoneum1.
Fascial closure was not done in any of the cases and the skin was closed using single mattress sutures for the 10 mm ports and a single simple suture for the 5 mm ports.
Keywords: Severe hypospadias, Dartos fascial flap, Urethrocutanous fistula.
The book does an exceptional job fitting fascial training principles into already established movement practices such as Pilates, Gyrotronics and martial arts.
MRI confirmed a fascial defect overlying tibialis anterior measuring 1.
During surgery, he was found to have extensive edema of his subcutaneous tissue, but with no obvious fascial or muscle necrosis.
Muscle hernias through an overlying fascial defect most commonly occur in athletes or young adults, especially in athletes with occupations requiring excessive strain on the legs.