antebrachial fascia

(redirected from fascia of forearm)

an·te·brach·i·al fas·ci·a

the deep fascia surrounding the forearm that is continuous with the brachial fascia; in the region of the wrist, it forms two thickened bands, the extensor and flexor retinacula.
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(5) Insertion is also highly variant and muscle may be attached to fascia of forearm, tendon of flexor carpi ulnaris.
Its insertion is also variable and may be attached to coronoid process of ulna, radius or below the tuberosity, fascia of forearm (brachiofascialis of Wood) or muscles of forearm arising from the medial epicondyle (2) In the present case Brachialis is inserted partly into the coronoid process and ulnar tuberosity of ulna and partly to the Brachioradialis muscle on the left side.