parietal pelvic fascia

(redirected from fascia endopelvina)

pa·ri·e·tal pel·vic fas·ci·a

including the obturator fascia, covers the pelvic walls formed primarily by muscles that pass from the interior of the pelvis to the thigh.
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Reattach the fascia endopelvina to the arcus tendineus fascia of the pelvis.
The pubocervical fascia and the rectovaginal septum meet at their attachment to the pelvic sidewall at the level of arcus tendineus fascia of pelvis (the white line) and medial fascia of levator ani, forming the fascia endopelvina. The orientation in the middle third of the vagina is in horizontal fashion.
When the fascia endopelvina breaks off from the pelvic sidewalls, a paravaginal cystocele occurs.