fascia bulbi

fas·ci·al sheath of eye·ball

a condensation of connective tissue on the outer aspect of the sclera from which it is separated by a narrow cleftlike episcleral space; the sheath is attached to the sclera near the sclerocorneal junction and blends with the fascia of the extraocular muscles.
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Tenon's capsule

The fibrous membrane that envelops the globe from the margin of the cornea to the optic nerve. Its inner surface is in close contact with the episclera to which it is connected by fine trabeculae. These trabeculae also attach it to the extraocular muscles. The posterior surface of the capsule is in contact with the orbital fat. Anteriorly, it becomes thinner and merges gradually into the subconjunctival connective tissue. Syn. Bonnet's capsule; capsule of the eyeball; fascia bulbi. See sub-Tenon's injection; ligament of Lockwood.
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