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Michael, English physicist and chemist, 1791-1867.
farad - a practical unit of electrical capacity.
faraday - 96,485.309 coulombs per mole, the amount of electricity required to reduce one equivalent of silver ion.
Faraday cage - cage designed to enclose and protect an electric instrument from outside electric interference.
Faraday constant
Faraday laws - the amount of an electrolyte decomposed by an electric current is proportional to the amount of the current.
faradic bath - water bath in which there is faradic current.
faradic current - current that stimulates muscle through its nerve.
faradism - Synonym(s): faradization
faradization - use of the faradic current. Synonym(s): faradism
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Champneys spa development manager Nicki Kurran recommends: l A faradic current treatment which contracts the chest muscles as if you were exercising.
In terms of current, the two options include galvanic and faradic currents. Both currents are maximally effective in the 2 weeks following denervation (Cummings, 1985).
As a result, the specific capacitance significantly increases due to the additional contribution of faradic currents ([I.sub.F]).