far infrared

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far in·fra·red

(fahr in'fră-red)
Portion of light spectrum between 1500 and 12,500 nm.
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Far infrared thermal sensors are finding increased uses in myriad applications, from consumer to industrial.
Remember, the heat of the far infrared can increase the production of endorphins or the so-called happy hormones so people who do it regularly are happier, healthier people who do not only feel good but also look good,' Alejar concluded.
Yuan, "Electric dipole characteristics of mineral tourmaline superfine powders and its properties of far infrared emission," Advanced Materials Research, vol.
energearTM ensures that the heat energy radiated by the body in the form of Far Infrared Rays is reflected back by the fabric.
The floating plates produce Far Infrared and moist heat to smooth hair cuticles to lock in moisture and block out humidity and frizz.
The Herschel Space Observatory said Thursday that its telescopes  heterodyne instrument for the far infrared -- one of Herschel's three innovative instruments -- demonstrates the gold mine of information that Herschel will provide on how organic molecules form in space.
You can buy a one-person Cedar FAR Infrared sauna for pounds 1,195 and the 4-6 person version pictured costs pounds 2,095 from www.aqua linesaunas.co.uk, 0845 004 3154.
Enerjii was set up by new mum Jacqueline Brewster from Felton in Northumberland, to sell jewellery using magnetic fields, far infrared and negative ions, which are reputed to have health benefits.
Kepler, in search of Earth sized exoplanets, and Herschel, covering a spectral range from the far infrared to sub-millimetre, are expected to soon be vastly expanding our knowledge of the Universe.
This frequency lies in the far infrared. It might be recalled, for instance, that NASA's COBE FIRAS (Far Infrared Absolute Spectrophotometer) instrument scanned the sky in a frequency range from 2 to 95 [cm.sup.-1] [13].
Klapper: An advanced far infrared sensor is mounted behind the BMW grille and creates a thermal image of the road ahead.
Combining near and far infrared rays, the oven can also quickly heat the surface and inside of a food item and effectively remove fat with high-temperature steam.