family structure

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the components and their manner of arrangement in constituting a whole.
family structure the way in which a family is organized according to roles, rules, power, and hierarchies.
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Chairperson of Ghanzi Network of Civil Societies, Pastor Johannes Kahuadi said the family structure should be protected at all costs and that spouses should work closely together.
The"Family structure in the wake of Genetic and Reproductive Technologies" project, which is now in its third year, was awarded a grant from QNRF's NPRP program.
The team examined how gender-typical behaviour develops over time within different family structures and whether it remains relatively consistent as children grow older.
A second possible role for family structure is the impact of the changing gender mix of college graduates.
The book contributes to the understanding of the dynamic of migration, and the intersectionalities of colonial politics, gender, and family structure. It adds to the comparative analysis of Puerto Rican communities in the Midwest with other historical groups, such as Mexican Americans (Lilia Fernandez's Brown in the Windy City, Chicago, 2012).
In the analysis presented below, we examine the relationships between children's completed schooling and a number of factors, including single-parent family structure. We find that, while statistically significant, the strength of the relationship between living with a single-parent family and educational attainment is comparable to the relationships for family size and the age of the mother at the time of the child's birth and weaker than the relationship for maternal schooling.
The taboo on careful research on family structure and poverty was broken by William Julius Wilson, an eminent black sociologist.
However, most research on the association between family structure and children's socioeconomic status has been conducted in the United States, where other related sources of disadvantage may have more important effects on children's outcomes than single parenthood (Thomson and McLanahan 2012).
Mooney, Oliver, and Smith (2009) stated that family functioning has a greater impact than does family structure on outcomes for children.
The fifth Millennium Cohort Study (MCS), published by the Institute of Education today, also found that four times as many children experienced a crucial change in their family structure by the age of 11 than 45 years ago.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Nikah al-mut'ah, which is a banned practice in Islam, was dealt with in an international symposium held by Yeni E[pounds sterling]mit Magazine and Islam professors repeated their views that mut'ah destroys family structure and is haram in yslam.

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