family practice physician

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fam·i·ly prac·tice phy·si·cian

(fam'i-lē prak'tis fi-zish'ŭn)
The trained health care professional who attends most of the needs of her patients through diagnosis to pharmacotherapy. Previously, the first caregiver seen by patients.
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Arrange to speak with the family practice physician before each visit.
Family practice physicians, he said, are trained to handle almost any medical condition and that training has served Dr Liddle well.
CPT Jacquelline Naylor, a family practice physician with the 173rd Support Battalion, holds the baby girl she helped deliver.--SGT Erin Maynard
She adds that while traditional hymns and songs such as "On Eagle's Wings" are interspersed throughout the service, the musical options are unlimited, as evidenced by the prelude to the service, composed by a Northfield family practice physician.
John Huskins, family practice physician at the Medical Center, said laser treatment eliminates the scarring and the recovery period that often accompany surgery.
Don Colbert, a family practice physician in Florida, believes he has found the holy grail for losing weight and eating healthy: the "Jesus way of eating." In his new book What Would Jesus Eat?
Harvey Smith, a family practice physician employed by Northland Family Physicians, Ltd.
A family practice physician, Beukema practiced for more than eight years in Okanogan, where he was also medical director of Family Health Centers.
The new physician training curriculum was also developed in close collaboration with Stephen Spain, MD, CPC, whose experience and education as both a family practice physician and a medical coder make him particularly qualified to advise clinicians on how to avoid ICD-10 related disruptions to their work processes and patient care.
Call, a family practice physician, who will work in the Brimfield office, 255 East Old Sturbridge Road; Dr.

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