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an authorized practitioner of medicine, as one graduated from a college of medicine or osteopathy and licensed by the appropriate board; see also doctor.
attending physician one who attends a hospital at stated times to visit the patients and give directions as to their treatment.
emergency physician a specialist in emergency medicine.
family physician a medical specialist who plans and provides the comprehensive primary health care of all members of a family, regardless of age or sex, on a continuous basis. See also family practice.
resident physician a graduate and licensed physician learning a specialty through in-hospital training.
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fam·i·ly phy·si·cian

a physician who specializes in family practice.
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(fi-zish'on) [ physic (2)]
One who has successfully completed the prescribed course of studies in medicine in a medical school officially recognized by the country in which it is located and has acquired the requisite qualifications for licensure in the practice of medicine.

attending physician

A physician who is on the staff of a hospital and regularly cares for patients therein.
See: following physician

family physician

See: primary care physician

following physician

A physician who assumes responsibility for a particular aspect of a patient's care, e.g., in hospice or palliative care, the physician who oversees a patient's medications. The following physician is sometimes but not always synonymous with attending physician. See: attending physician

primary care physician

Abbreviation: PCP
A physician to whom a family or individual goes initially when ill or for a periodic health check. This physician assumes medical coordination of care with other physicians for the patient with multiple health concerns. A related term, primary care provider, includes both physicians and mid-level practitioners. Synonym: family physician

resident physician

A physician who works full or part time in a hospital to continue training after internship; commonly called a resident.
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Patient discussion about family physician

Q. My family doctor has suggested to go on a diet. Do you hate food? Your answer will be ‘NO’. So I am not shy to say that I love foodie. But the fat in the food loves my body even more. I have put an immense amount of weight and my family doctor has suggested to go on a diet. I feel deprived though I know that a diet is necessary for me.

A. GOD BLESS YOU...I HAVE BEEN SMALL ALL MY LIFE..SO I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS TO TRY TO LOOSE WEIGHT....but in do know that it is killing alot of people,keep doing what you are doing,you will get there.....the hardest part for you will be seeing all the junk.,that is out there....i often the people who make this in themselves..or give it to there children?..peace...mrfoot56

Q. My family doctor advised me to cut smoking and to have more orange juice and didn’t give any meds.Why is it so I work in suburban zone in a construction site. My worksite is very dusty and polluted as lot many industries also exist there. While coming home I face huge traffic pollution. It’s a 1 hour journey. This creates stress to me. My family doctor advised me to cut smoking and to have more orange juice and didn’t give any meds. Why is it so?

A. YEah, probably your doctor believes that by increasing amount of anti-oxidants inside your body, your body will be able to fight the negative effect from the pollution.
the chemical pollution can come from anywhere in our daily living. that's why it is recommended for all of us to strengthen our body defense by eating healthy foods (and even consume multivitamins), and stop the activities that will harm our body (such as smoking, alcoholic drinks, etc.).

Fruits and some vegetables (you can try: orange, apple, berries, tomato, grapes, etc.) are believed to have high content of anti-oxidants, so it will help our body to remain healthy.
Good luck and stay healthy always!

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Objective: To assess the level of professional satisfaction amongst family physicians of Pakistan and to identify the factors associated with professional dissatisfaction.
Family physicians are the gatekeepers in disease prevention and promoting health awareness in the community, a senior health executive said here yesterday.
Although he acknowledged that family physicians usually receive a rotation of obstetrics training during their residency, Summers said the hospital board decided not to allow exceptions to its policy.
About 82% of those seeing an internist had a mammogram, compared with 79% of those seeing a family physician and 78% of those seeing a specialist.
The client is officially transferred to the family physician at a face-to-face transition meeting.
I was the only kid in class, alas, who wasn't vaccinated, either by the family physician or by force in the principal's office.
"I think that it's very clear from a national perspective that the family physician is being viewed as a very important and essential part of any universal health care plan or any kind of managed care plan," Goldsmith says.
To form a healthy partnership with your family physician, he suggests:
JFP was the brainchild of family physician John Geyman, MD, who established the journal in response to the need for original family medicine research.