family mobilization

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1. the process of making a fixed part movable by separating it from surrounding structures so that it is accessible for an operative procedure.
2. the release of a substance stored in the body into the circulation for bodily use.
3. the assembling or preparation of something in response to a need.
family mobilization in the nursing interventions classification, a nursing intervention defined as making use of family strengths to influence patient's health in a positive direction.
joint mobilization passive movement of a joint to restore motion or relieve pain. Small oscillatory motions that do not stretch the capsular or other soft tissue structures are often used for reducing pain, while larger (grade III or IV) oscillatory or sustained motions are used to stretch structures and restore accessory or joint play motions. Movements are slow enough that the patient can voluntarily stop them. See also joint manipulation.
stapes mobilization surgical correction of immobility of the stapes in treatment of deafness.
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