Family Jewels

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A popular slang term for a man’s testes
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The Family Jewels reveals her as an honest treasure, with a flair for the dramatic, but don't get too used to it.
At the same time, given the ups and downs of Bulgaria's economy in the past 20 years, Bulgarians wanting cash quickly often resorted to pawn shops, to trade in everything from family jewels, television sets, motor vehicles and even real estate.
A special section is devoted to the CIA's alleged "domestic" activities, including the Family Jewels file which reveals an internal investigation of the agency as a whole.
Among the recipients, Holme Valley Sharing Memories Group has received pounds 6,155 for its Family Jewels project to decorate a new family room in Brockholes Junior and Infant School.
He said at his Plymouth home: "When it happened I was pinned to the car - I thought it had mangled my family jewels.
He said the secret missions detailed in the family jewels "ranged from the cockamamie to quite sinister.
For a branded company like us, it is a tough decision to [hand over Unilever's] family jewels," says Norman Clubb, president and COO of Unilever Foodsolutions North America.
I bought Family Jewels when it came out, and the first DVD is wonderful; kids wanting to start a band should watch that.
If you look at what sells it is design, and design carries the family jewels of the company.
We want a quality squad and I have outlined what I would like to do - but I'm not saying risk the family jewels
Called Family Jewels, this epic two-disc set goes right back to April 1975 when the band - with original vocalist Bon Scott kitted out in his schoolgirl outfit - performed Baby Please Don't Go on Australian TV.
For her escape, in an uncanny foreshadowing of her future career, she stitched the family jewels inside Irene's hat and muff.