family doctor

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family doctor

1. A physician who practices the specialty of family medicine. Also called family physician, family practitioner.

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Q. My family doctor has suggested to go on a diet. Do you hate food? Your answer will be ‘NO’. So I am not shy to say that I love foodie. But the fat in the food loves my body even more. I have put an immense amount of weight and my family doctor has suggested to go on a diet. I feel deprived though I know that a diet is necessary for me.

A. GOD BLESS YOU...I HAVE BEEN SMALL ALL MY LIFE..SO I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IT IS TO TRY TO LOOSE WEIGHT....but in do know that it is killing alot of people,keep doing what you are doing,you will get there.....the hardest part for you will be seeing all the junk.,that is out there....i often the people who make this in themselves..or give it to there children?..peace...mrfoot56

Q. My family doctor advised me to cut smoking and to have more orange juice and didn’t give any meds.Why is it so I work in suburban zone in a construction site. My worksite is very dusty and polluted as lot many industries also exist there. While coming home I face huge traffic pollution. It’s a 1 hour journey. This creates stress to me. My family doctor advised me to cut smoking and to have more orange juice and didn’t give any meds. Why is it so?

A. YEah, probably your doctor believes that by increasing amount of anti-oxidants inside your body, your body will be able to fight the negative effect from the pollution.
the chemical pollution can come from anywhere in our daily living. that's why it is recommended for all of us to strengthen our body defense by eating healthy foods (and even consume multivitamins), and stop the activities that will harm our body (such as smoking, alcoholic drinks, etc.).

Fruits and some vegetables (you can try: orange, apple, berries, tomato, grapes, etc.) are believed to have high content of anti-oxidants, so it will help our body to remain healthy.
Good luck and stay healthy always!

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The user interface for Family Doctor is a depiction of a traditional physician's office, with doors representing the "Exam Room" (symptom diagnosis suggestions, drug information, anatomy atlas), "First Aid" (simulated video of what to do in emergency situations), and the "Library" (hypertext versions of eight volumes, including the USPC Drug Guide and Random House Medical Dictionary).
Bruckheim is a physician, educator, and author of the Tribune Media's syndicated Family Doctor column.
Fifty years ago family doctors, together with hospital consultants, were the biggest obstruction to the setting up of the National Health Service because they felt their lifestyle was threatened, while claiming the government was putting the nation's health at risk.
Unless we act immediately to double the percentage of family doctors in America, any of the vaunted attempts to repair our system is doomed to fail.
We are about 100 GPs short and in rural areas the lack of family doctors is particularly acute.
As a result of the shortage of family doctors, GPs are having to cope with huge numbers of patients with consequent concerns over the quality of care they can provide.
The family doctor service will be provided between 8am and 6.
Many younger prospective GPs do not want to follow the traditional family doctor route of taking on the risk of a business with a mortgage.
Mary Church, a family doctor in Lanarkshire, said: "Many GPs are close to breaking point and nationally we are saying it is time for action.