false projection

false pro·jec·tion

the faulty visual sensation arising secondarily to underaction of an ocular muscle.
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That the concept of bullet-like photons as particles of light may have been a false projection of experiments was pointed out in a paper analyzing the quintessential double slit experiment underlying the wave particle duality of quantum theory (Baer 2015).
The next section considers the arguments leading to special relativity as an example of false projection that, once recognized, may lead to world view changes.
To make this potentially false projection clear we must explicitly recognize that the 1st Person view shown in figure 5 must be generated by some physical real material just like the thought bubbles of the two observers attached to the observed coordinate frames are attached to the material of their bodies and their extensions.
Relying on the impression created by the networks' false projection of him as the victor--a call first made by his cousin the vote projector at Fox News--Bush and his lieutenants portray every move that works against them in Florida as part of a conspiracy to "steal" the election from the rightful winner.
The source further outlined that Mark Summers, who represented the CPS, in his opening statement, had laid before the court the basic ingredients of fraud that is falsities, false projections and intention not to repay the loan and use the same for purposes other than those intended for.
5% stated in the budget and the government was only deceiving the nation by giving false projections.
It need not tolerate strategic Arab threats against her democracy based on false projections.
41), of reporting management making overly optimistic and false projections of future performance.