false image

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false im·age

the image in the deviating eye in strabismus.

false im·age

(fawls im'ăj)
The image in the deviating eye in strabismus.


(im'ij) [Fr. image fr. L. imago, copy, likeness]
1. A mental picture representing a real object.
2. A more or less accurate likeness of a thing or person.
3. A picture of an object as produced by a lens or mirror.
4. In radiology, a representation of structures within the body as a result of examination by various physical phenomena (e.g., x-rays, gamma rays, sound, or radio).

body image

1. The subjective image or picture people have of their physical appearance based on their own observations and the reaction of others.
2. The conscious and unconscious perception of one's body at any particular time.

direct image

An image produced from radiation without secondary image receptors. Synonym: virtual image

double image

A perceived image that occurs in strabismus when the visual axes of the eyes are not directed toward the same object. Synonym: false image
See: diplopia

false image

Double image.

inverted image

An image that is turned upside down.

latent image

1. An unprocessed image physically present within an image receptor but not yet visible.
2. In radiology, the image within the emulsion of an exposed radiograph that is invisible because it has not been developed.

mirror image

An image of an object in which right and left are reversed. The term is also used to indicate the similarity of chemical substances or persons with quite similar personalities and looks (e.g., identical twins).

Purkinje-Sanson images

See: Purkinje, Johannes E. von

radiographic image


real image

The image formed by convergence of rays of light from an object.

virtual image

Direct image.
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But if it paints a picture of a game in rude health, Taylor believes it would be a false image.
So now I believe it's time for us to speak out and not allow the world to create this false image of us and do nothing about it.
While talking to citizens on the occasion of Open Court at Capital City Police Headquarters, here on Monday CCPO said that once police becomes successful in making peaceful citizens aware of its affection and commitment, the false image of police dread would be removed and the uniform of police force would become respectable manifold, a goal towards which every officer and official of Lahore Police ought to work hard.
At a press conference last week, Deputy Culture Minister for Cinematic Affairs Javad Shamaqdari said, "From my viewpoint, it would be inappropriate for the film to be shown to a non-Iranian audience, because it presents a false image of Iranian culture and society.
Concerning the population increase in some provinces, she mentioned "Some parties used this issue to negatively affect the Arabic, Islamic and international opinions through giving false image of the new Iraq, while other parties use it for earning personal and financial gains.
Moffitt, who the prosecution accused of presenting a false image of being bespectacled and softly spoken which was far from reality, was asked whether he knew Mr Regan was dead when he left the country.
I loved Spitting Image but I'm also aware that its caricatures created a false image - never flattering - of several politicians who thereafter found themselves stuck with the image rather than the reality.
Unfortunately, this entirely false image of feeble, precious children squares rather badly with pictures we see on the internet of children stamping on other children's faces and kicking them repeatedly in the head, as a bit of playground fun, cheered on by other poor little dears, too frail to learn anything useful in school or take an exam, to fit them to grow into useful, productive adults.
Art deco's popularity slowly declined in the West after reaching mass production, when it began to be derided as gaudy and presenting a false image of luxury.
This of course, is false image but damaging to Newcastle and its conurbation.
A number of additional enhancements have been employed since Gatekeeper was launched, but the Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has never been given anywhere near the resources necessary to do its job--just enough to provide a false image of security.
We must shift the false image of ourselves as pursuers of wellness, inheritors of disease.