fallopian canal

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fa·cial ca·nal

the bony passage in the temporal bone through which the facial nerve passes; the facial canal commences at the internal auditory meatus with the horizontal part, which passes at first anteriorly (medial crus of facial canal) then turns posteriorly at the geniculum of the facial canal to pass medial to the tympanic cavity (lateral crus of facial canal); finally, it turns downward (descending part of facial canal) to reach the stylomastoid foramen.

fallopian canal

Etymology: Gabriello Fallopio, Italian anatomist, 1523-1562; L, canalis
a passageway for the facial nerve through the petrous bone.

fallopian canal

A canal in the petrous portion of the temporal bone. The facial nerve passes through it.
Synonym: aqueductus Fallopii
See also: canal


Gabriele, Italian anatomist, 1523-1562.
fallopian aqueduct - the bony passage in the temporal bone through which the facial nerve passes. Synonym(s): facial canal; fallopian canal
fallopian arch - Synonym(s): fallopian ligament
fallopian artery
fallopian canal - Synonym(s): fallopian aqueduct
fallopian cannula
fallopian catheter
fallopian hiatus - the opening on the anterior aspect of the petrous part of the temporal bone which leads to the facial canal and gives passage to the greater petrosal nerve. Synonym(s): hiatus of facial canal
fallopian ligament - forms the floor of the inguinal canal and gives origin to lowermost fibers of internal oblique and transversus abdominis muscles. Synonym(s): fallopian arch; inguinal ligament
fallopian neuritis - Synonym(s): facial paralysis
fallopian pregnancy - Synonym(s): tubal pregnancy
fallopian tube - one of the tubes leading on either side from the upper or outer extremity of the ovary to the fundus of the uterus. Synonym(s): tuba fallopiana; tuba fallopii; uterine tube;
tuba fallopiana - Synonym(s): fallopian tube
tuba fallopii - Synonym(s): fallopian tube
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In our patient, the broad-based osteoma was adherent to the sigmoid sinus, fallopian canal, and stylomastoid foramen.
Rhabdomyosarcomas of the middle ear cleft spread by invading and destroying the fallopian canal.
This is the case even when the patient experiences delayed paralysis or when CT fails to show a fracture or dislocation of the fallopian canal.