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One who suffers an injustice at another's hand. See Fashion victim.
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Q. How can we prevent this bipolar disorder spreading to my family members. Am Mickey 29 year old, I lost my father who died as a victim of Bipolar disorder, because of this now I am afraid that this bipolar could again attack any one of my family members. Is there any chance for bipolar again, if it so, how can we prevent this bipolar disorder spreading to my family members?

A. Welcome Micky,
I am so sorry to hear that your father did not win his battle with bipolar disorder.
Bipolar disorder is thought to have strong genetic links so it is possible that another person in your family may develop sypmtoms of this illness, having said that it is not contageous. Take the situation with your dad into consideration if someone else in your family does develop symptoms of bipolar disorder and get them the professional help that they will need to effectivly manage the illness. GP's and family doctors do not have the tools and knowledge to effectivly treat bipolar disorder, so getting that family memeber involved with a psychiatrist and involved with the mental health community would be a vital step in learning to manage the illness. Bipolar disorder does not have to be fatal. It can be managed. A combination of the right medications, theropy, good diet, plenty of sleep, exercise, meditation etc... can all lead to a healthy and happy life for a person with BP.

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