falciform retinal fold

fal·ci·form ret·i·nal fold

a congenital fold from the disc to the ciliary region in the inferior temporal quadrant of the retina.
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Previously performed fluorescein angiography with RetCam showed a large avascular area in the peripheral retina without signs of neovascularization or peripheral exudation in his right eye and a falciform retinal fold anchored to the temporal retinal sector without signs of peripheral exudation in the left eye (Figure 1).
The proband's 10 y/o brother (II:1) was diagnosed with bilateral retinal dystrophy and falciform retinal fold at the age of three, suggesting a stage 3A FEVR (Figure 4).
The fundus examination under sedation showed a falciform retinal fold arising from the optic nerve head, involving the macula and anchored in the temporal periphery in his left eye (Figure 6).