falciform ligament

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fal·ci·form pro·cess of sacrotuberous ligament

a continuation of the inner border of the sacrotuberous ligament upward and forward on the inner aspect of the ramus of the ischium.
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falciform ligament

The term falciform ligament refers to a structure in the liver—the “true” falciform ligament of liver (ligamentum falciforme hepatitis [NA]), as well as a second structure, the falciform process of sacrotuberal ligament (processus falciformus ligamenti sacrotuberalis [NA6]).
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fal·ci·form pro·cess

(fal'si-fōrm pros'es)
A continuation of the inner border of the sacrotuberous ligament upward and forward on the inner aspect of the ramus of the ischium.
Synonym(s): processus falciformis [TA] , falciform ligament.
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falciform ligament

A large sickle-shaped fold of PERITONEUM extending from the front of the top of the liver to the UMBILICUS.
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In this study, we acknowledge the falciform ligament as a feasible and convenient substitute for mesenteric and portal vein reconstruction with high patency and reliability in extended pancreatic tumor resections.
The falciform ligament, a remnant of the embryonic ventral mesentery, is abroad and thin fold of the peritoneum that is covered with epithelial layers on both sides featuring several advantages.
The paraumbilical vein originates from the umbilical portion of the left portal vein in the falciform ligament and proceeds to the umbilicus and periumbilical veins [13].
In conclusion, falciform ligament thrombosis is a rare and poorly differentiated complication following pancreatitis which both clinicians and radiologists should be aware of.
Torsion of a fatty fringe of the falciform ligament, a rare cause of right hypochondrial pain.
Hematoma of the falciform ligament: A rare cause of acute abdomen.
Lymphangioma of the falciform ligament - A case report.
The laparoscopic technique allows an excellent view of the surgical field once the falciform ligament is split.
The only description found of the liver of the nutria (Wagner, 1963) divides it into three lobules: right, diaphragmatic or middle lobe and the left lobe and the only ligament observed by the author was the falciform ligament. Wagner described the gall bladder, the extrahepatic biliary ducts and the pancreas.
Later with the growth of the liver into the mesenchyme of the septum transversum, the ventral mesentery divides into; the lesser omentum, that extends from the lower portion of the oesophagus, stomach and upper portion of the duodenum to the liver; the falciform ligament extending from the liver to the ventral body wall (Moore and Persaud, 2003).
The differential diagnosis includes gastrointestinal stromal tumor, (9) paraganglioma, and newly described clear cell myomelanocytic tumor of the falciform ligament or ligamentum teres.
Potential sites of ectopic gallbladder are intrahepatic, left-sided, beneath the posterior inferior surface of liver, between the leaves of the lesser omentum, within the falciform ligament, retroperitoneal, retrohepatic, or in the retropancreatic and retroduodenal areas.[7]