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A form of torture which consists of beating the soles of the victim’s feet with a solid object, which disables the victim and minimises the risk of escape. The resultant soft tissue swelling can cause an intense compartmental syndrome resulting in necrosis
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To make way for Motorola Mobility, Falanga said showrooms, including giftware tenants and a design center are being relocated to vacant space in the building.
The court rejected the defendants' argument that Falanga was justified in ignoring Klepeis' rollover request because it was not in the proper form, noting that the plan does not require formal claims for participants to receive benefits.
Falanga says the idea for the Cleveland Medical Mart came from Delos Cosgrove, M.
During my interviews for this month's cover story on the LEED-EB O&M certification of the world's largest commercial building--The Merchandise Mart in Chicago (beginning on page 46)--Mark Falanga, senior vice president at Merchandise Mart Properties Inc.
Vincent Falanga, chairman of dermatology and skin surgery at the Roger Williams Medical Center, Providence, R.
has consulted Marie-Dominique Chenu, Thomas Deman, Anthony Falanga, Josef Fuchs, Palemon Glorieux, Odon Lottin, Pierre Mandonnet, Servais Pinckaers, A.
We have had many years without peace, without rights in this country," explained Sidonie Swana Falanga, president of an association of Congolese Protestant women theologians.
By combining Integral and Rossi observations, a European team led by Maurizio Falanga (Atomic Energy Commission, Saclay, France) determined that the millisecond pulsar IGR J00291+5934 in Cassiopeia has a companion with perhaps as little as 40 Jupiter masses.
0 kg Nudelman 9M17P Skorpion member of the Falanga (AT-2) series, which has a range of 2.