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When you stand up, the low blood pressure isn't strong enough to fight against gravity and can't get as much blood pumped to your brain - so you faint.
Sometimes when you faint, there is a brief twitching or shaking which can look like a seizure.
CAUTION: If the casualty faints fully they may slip into a period of prolonged unconsciousness or even have a fit.
A A faint is a brief loss of consciousness caused by a temporary reduction in the blood flow of the brain.
On reports that Platini had suffered a heart attack, Gaillard said: "When people faint, people imagine the worst.
Irene faints while uttering her last and most problematic word," 'I -'" (the incompletion of the utterance is indicated by Larsen's use of the long dash).
While most viewers think she's faking her faints, the Geordie duo reckon she has a game plan and "thinks she can win".
As a painfully shy child, John would faint every time he was nervous or got into trouble.
If you're over 40, your doctor will rub on your neck to see if your heart is prone to slowing down and, if this is so, you might feel dizzy or faint.
If you try to get up too fast, you may feel dizzy and perhaps even faint again
You usually feel dizzy and sweaty just before you faint so if you get any of these early warning signs, sit in a chair with your head between your knees and you should be able to prevent yourself passing out.