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Vox populi—UK A cigarette
Vox populi—US A derogatory term for a gay man
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So now we've found the fags where is the booze, and what of the generic drugs seeping into the NHS chemists?
I know he is nowhere near that lot in terms of talent, but he is a decent footballer - and the fact he has not kicked on as well as many expected won't be because he likes a crafty fag.
That fag says Kate doesn't care about being a role model to all the young women who look up to her, and it doesn't say a lot about the example she is setting her own daughter Lila.
Tax on my fags has helped to fund a lot of good things for people like him to enjoy in this country of ours.
Now health chiefs say they want smokers to be aware of exactly what they are smoking so will be holding the fake fags amnesty next Wednesday at North Solihull Sports Centre, in Conway Road, Chelmsley Wood, between 10am and 2pm.
I was very punk rock and very proud of myself for not being that kind of fag, that kind of queen.
I THOUGHT the title of the winner of I'mA Celebrity,Get Me Out Of Here was The King of the Jungle not Serial Philanderer,Give Me A Fag, I Need A Drink.
The recent increase in VAT is also being blamed on the surge in fake fag sales.
Outside our school there were a few shops and I would ask people to buy me fags with my dinner money.
A BUTCHER'S shop is making a killing thanks to a new line - under-the-counter fags.
The well told tale is still quite true That smoking tobacco can kill you Your breathing will become weaker and weaker And your life span will also get shorter Give up now before it is too late Before you become a hospital case Once you give up smoking, life becomes brighter You now can dispose of your old fag lighter From then on your food will taste better And your body will get a lot fitter Gone will be the craving of dying for a smoke Now the smoking habit you have finally broke You now have snuffed the fags out Before the fags snuffed you out
Songs like "Army of Fag" and "If God Hates Fags (I Hate God)" are the Ninjas' way of draining their attackers of their venom.