facultative saprophyte

fac·ul·ta·tive sap·ro·phyte

an organism, usually parasitic, that occasionally may live and grow as a saprophyte.
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flavipennis is considered a facultative saprophyte because it preferentially consumes decomposing organic matter, straw, and plant residue (GASSEN, 1989; SALVADORI & PEREIRA, 2006), recently it has been reported to cause damage in the blueberry (Vaccinium ashei Reade) plantations (DIEZ-RODRIGUEZ et al., 2015).
flavipennis is considered a facultative saprophyte, some specific conditions might have contributed to the preference of this species in feeding from roots, such as low amount of straw and organic matter in the soil, and to the possible preference to particular plant species such as the ones under study.
Fungi can be broken down into four main categories: obligate saprophytes, obligate parasites, facultative saprophytes, and facultative parasites.
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