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Factorially homogeneous subscales allow for investigating which sub-dimensions of quest account for the observed prediction.
Taken together, and consistent with the previous finding that the HPS is factorially valid measure of homework purpose of high school students (Xu, 2010a), the present study suggests that the HPS is applicable to middle school students as well.
While an intriguing "mild depression" factor was also suggested, the Confusion scale is not factorially sound, a finding supported by Fernandez, et al.
The CBI provides norm-referenced measures of a counselor's burnout syndrome on five factorially derived burnout dimensions: Exhaustion, Incompetence, Negative Work Environment, Devaluing Client, and Deterioration in Personal Life.
Medidas de simplicidad y de ajuste factorial: Un enfoque para la construccion y revision de escalas derivadas factorialmente [Measures of simplicity and factorial adjustment: An approach to the construction and revision of factorially derived scales].
000), therefore the correlation matrix of the 45 items of the SPAI, in this sample, can be factorially analyzed.
For this technique, the effects of organic solvent blend (dichloromethane: ethanol), polymer concentration (10 and 20%w/v) and external oil volume (25 and 50 ml) on particle formation and in vitro release were investigated in a factorially designed experiment.
A factorially designed experiment on teacher structuring, soliciting, and reacting.
These same questions correspond to the operationalized and factorially analyzed definition used in Pascarella and Terenzini's study (See Table 1).
The ten treatments were factorially arranged in a randomized complete block design and replicated three times.