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Following the same procedures of the Factor Analysis as in the factorization of the first order, were extracted 5 latent components (factors) that explain 51.39 % of the total variance.
After analysing, 6 important factors were extracted by using exploratory factor analysis method and introduced "cost and revenue analysis before services" as the most important factor in outsourcing services in the country's public hospitals.
Further, scale reliability estimation was also found consistent and exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis showed the structured model as adequate and a good fit.
By Section 2.2 of the factor analysis theory in this paper, factor analysis was performed on the cross section data of each year in the period of 2004-2013 and with the aid of SPSS software to calculate the use factor analysis to explain the total variance contribution rate and 2004-2013 factor comprehensive scoring function yti, as shown in the following.
Rechner, "Confirmatory factor analysis of the machiavellian personality scale," Personality and Individual Differences, vol.
Path diagram of confirmatory factor analysis of the CURS items and their respective factors.
Chapter 1 provides an overview of the factor analysis. The characteristics of factor analysis, comparison of exploratory and confirmatory factor analysis, assumptions of exploratory factor analysis, historical developments of factor analysis, uses of factor analysis in health care research and decision making process in exploratory factor analysis are discussed in this chapter.
A dimensionality reduction algorithm based on factor analysis is proposed in this paper, which is different from traditional methods.