factor A

factor A

C3-complement, see there.
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Q. What are the factors which may lead to depression in a person?

A. How an individual handles stress on the job and at home.
How an individual handles family and health issues.
How one deals with grief.
How one deals with their anger.
How one deals with guilt.
Hom much you exercise or do physical activities.
How well you sleep or get rest.
How one deals with tragedies, accidents, or misfortunes.
Basically in a nutshell, how one copes with whatever situations occur.

Q. Does height also have a genetic factor and how much is due to nutrition? My long-term goal is to join the army. I have spent most of my life in preparing for that except my height. So I am very worried about this aspect. Whether will it hinder my growth towards my ambition? Now I am 5ft tall as like my father. The girls I meet are also taller than me?. I feel shy in front of them and I am losing self confidence. Will any nutrition help me to grow further? Does height also have a genetic factor and how much is due to nutrition?

A. height is a factor of both genetic and nutrition (or should i say environment). it's actually very interesting, your parents pass you the ability to get to a certain height and a minimum too. but it's a multi factorial genes, let's say 10 genes that every one of then have a height potential (" 20-25 cm, 30-45 cm") and the combination of them all give you your height potential. then to fulfill it , then you need good environmental support.

Q. Is obesity a risk factor for Dementia?

A. The answer is YES. In fact, many of the risk factors for heart disease, such as high blood pressure, blood glucose levels, insulin resistance, and overweight, are also risk factors for dementia, in addition to genetic predisposition for the disease.

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