factitious diarrhea

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factitious diarrhoea

The spurious increase in faecal production due to either excessive use/abuse of laxatives or dilution of the faeces. FD is most common in females and is related to excessive and inappropriate use of laxatives, and occurs in:  
(1) Anorectics, who are often female age 18–40 with an altered self image, for whom weight control is a central focus and laxatives are an alternative to vomiting; or 
(2) Older perimenopausal females, who emphatically deny laxative abuse. The motives for laxative abuse in older women are complex, and may be related to secondary gain of attention or a component of somatisation disorder (“hysteria”).

Side effects of prolonged laxative abuse
Chronic diarrhoea, colicky abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, weight loss, weakness, hypokalaemia, skin pigmentation, arthralgia, cyclic oedema, nephrolithiasis (ammonium urates).
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factitious diarrhea

Self-induced diarrhea, as by self-medication with laxatives.
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