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in pharmacology, denoting a reaction arising as an indirect result of drug action, as development of an infection after the normal microflora has been altered by an antibiotic.
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Accentuation or diminution of one or more factors to improve overall function.
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A supportive and facilitative higher education authority mandates itself to strengthen the principal stakeholders, the higher education institutions (HEIs); the secondary stakeholders, the faculty and students, automatically become the ultimately beneficiaries.
a) Participants with higher Conscientiousness scores would select facilitative rather than directive feedback when given the choice.
Despite the introduction of all the aforesaid facilitative measures, it has been observed that promoters don directly apply to the Commission for the incorporation of the companies, as a result of which time and cost of doing business increases in Pakistan.
In that room, often, the very notion of being facilitative with management is itself called into question, because the issue under discussion is how to extricate management from what they have wrought.
The Minister of IT conveyed her Government's support for all advancement creatures to extend their foot formed impression in the country with a facilitative space.
1.263(a)-5(e)(1) and (2) provide that amounts paid in the process of investigating or otherwise pursuing a covered transaction must be capitalized only if such amounts are (1) inherently facilitative amounts or (2) related to activities performed on or after the brightline date (both defined below).
It said the seminar was aimed at empowering African countries to take full advantage of the many benefits of 'factoring' as a trade finance instrument, help to heighten awareness about factoring in Africa and begin the groundwork toward a facilitative legal and regulatory environment across the continent.
The President during a meeting with Enver Hoxhaj, Foreign Minister of Republic of Kosovo at the Presidency in the capital city Islamabad, said that parliamentary institutions of the two countries could play facilitative role in forging partnerships and bringing their people closer.
After concluding the case studies, a survey of techniques not discussed in detail is provided, as well as hypnotic induction and the author's favorite facilitative narratives.
Chandrajit Banerjee, director-general, CII, said, 'While the Indian insurance industry is acknowledged globally to have matured tremendously since the opening of the sector in 2001, a facilitative and enabling regulatory and policy environment is critical to ensure insurance companies in India enter the next stage of growth and evolution on the foundation of greater insurance density and penetration.'
London, United Kingdom, October 11, 2012 --(PR.com)-- The award is given to institutions with frontline services garnering an excellent rating in demonstrating the value of customer care and meeting the expectations of the transacting public for prompt, courteous, responsive, facilitative and pleasant service.
Agencies are categorized as either decision-making or facilitative. Categories for organizations include institutional advocacy, students, employers and employees, and information and infrastructure.

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