facies hippocratica

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 [fa´she-ēz] (pl. fa´cies) (L.)
1. face.
2. a specific surface of a body structure, part, or organ.
3. the expression or appearance of the face.
adenoid facies the dull expression with open mouth, in children with hypertrophy of the pharyngeal tonsils (adenoids).
facies hepa´tica a thin face with sunken eyeballs, sallow complexion, and yellow conjunctivae, characteristic of certain chronic liver disorders.
facies hippocra´tica a drawn, pinched, and livid appearance indicative of approaching death.
leonine facies a peculiar, deeply furrowed, lionlike appearance of the face seen in certain cases of advanced lepromatous leprosy and in other diseases associated with facial edema.
Parkinson's facies (parkinsonian facies) a stolid masklike expression of the face, with infrequent blinking, which is pathognomonic of parkinson's disease.
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hip·po·crat·ic fa·ci·es

, facies hippocratica
a pinched expression of the face, with sunken eyes, concavity of cheeks and temples, relaxed lips, and leaden complexion; observed in one close to death after severe and prolonged illness.
Synonym(s): hippocratic face
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facies hippocratica

, Hippocratic facies
The facial appearance classically described in those dying from long-continued illness or from cholera. The cheeks and temples are hollow, the eyes sunken, the complexion leaden, and the lips relaxed.
See also: facies
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