anterior surface

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an·te·ri·or sur·face

the surface of a structure or part of the body that faces forward. TA recognizes an anterior surface (facies anterior ...) of the following structures: heart (... cordis [TA]); cornea (... corneae [TA]); body of maxilla (... corporis maxillae [TA]); lens (... lentis [TA]); eyelids (... palpebrae [TA]); petrous part of temporal bone (... pars petrosi ossis temporalis [TA]); kidney (... renis [TA]); iris (... iridis [TA]); patella (... patellae [TA]); prostate (... prostatae [TA]); radius (... radii [TA]); suprarenal gland (... glandulae suprarenalis [TA]); ulna (... ulnae [TA]); and uterus (... uteri [TA]).
Synonym(s): facies anterior [TA]
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