facial profile

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fa·cial pro·file

1. the outline form of the face from a lateral view;
2. the sagittal outline form of the face.

fa·cial pro·file

(fāshăl prōfīl)
1. Outline form of face from a lateral view.
2. Sagittal outline form of face.

facial profile,

n the sagittal outline of the face. There are three distinct forms: mesognathic, prognathic, and retrognathic.
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In the present study soft tissue facial profile was investigated for different vertical patterns using the Holdaway analysis and soft tissue thickness values.
More and more patients are coming to us for facial profile changes through dental procedures.
Soft tissue evaluation of contemporary Caucasian and African American female facial profiles.
Frontal view of the facial third analysis, facial profile, mandibular angle, tongue size, Facial medline to dental midline, upper to lower dental midline, overjet, overbite, anterior open bite, cross bite, scissors bite, palatal vault, maxillary and mandibular arch crowding and spacing, molar and canine relationships.
The less aesthetic facial profiles (severely convex and concave) were most prevalent among adolescents with a high household income (P < 0.
The functional appliance phase was successful in the improvement of the facial profile, reduction of the OJ, OB and the correction of the molar relationship.
The soft tissue measurements used to evaluate the facial profile changes in this study were made using pre and post-treatment lateral cephalometric radiographs taken at the beginning and the end of treatment.
These variables were: Facial profile, Facial type, Anterior lower face height, Size of the body and mandibular ramus, mandibular plane inclination, gonial angle, menton position and anterior lower face height proportion.
Experts advise looking at the head first--the relative size of ears, the facial profile, the shape.
Each compact prism loupe is custom-manufactured for each clinician's pupil measurements, facial profile, and working distance.
The new grandson sleeps looking out to his right, mirroring Kristen's facial profile as she road a bus to the church along the west side of Central Park in New York City.
A sarcophagus fragment from Grottaferrata showing part of the Indian Triumph of Bacchus was exhibited beside a workshop sheet with studies of the same figures, including a rearing horseman in a pose similar to that of Psyche in the socalled Bed of Polyclitus --toes and facial profile facing 180 degrees in opposite directions (Ambrosiana, inv.