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Facial paralysis is seen in 11% of the Lyme disease cases, and in 30-40% of the cases facial paralysis is reported as bilateral (8).
The research allowed to observe that facial paralysis is a relatively common disease worldwide, affecting all age groups, without preference as to gender, with full recovery, depending on the etiology.
Affected patients present with acute unilateral lower motor neuron facial paralysis with relatively little pain and infrequent, extremely subtle evidence of additional cranial nerve deficits.
After parenteral antibiotic therapy and oral methylprednisolone therapy within 6 months, her facial pain, vision, eye adduction and facial paralysis partially improved.
As with any other facial paralysis, anyone experiencing it should visit a doctor immediately to determine the cause.
Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome is characterized by a triad of symptoms: orofacial edema, peripheral facial paralysis, and lingua plicata, but all three features of the disease are rarely encountered at the time of presentation, making diagnosis more difficult.
Bamford's Spiggle & Theis quality German ENT instruments and consumables from Coremed include instruments for sinus, rhinology, otology, larynx and oral cavities, along with platinium eyelid implants for facial paralysis, ventilation and micro suction tubes, nasal splints and packing, silicon sheeting for ENT surgery, specialised ear and head bandages.
The symptoms shown in the meningoencephalitic form include fever, depression, head pressing, problems with eating and possible facial paralysis.
If the lesion is at the stylomastoid foremen it may result in facial paralysis only.