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In the famous words of wife Flo to Andy Capp, it takes face powder to attract a man but baking powder to keep him.
The most frequently replenished beauty products were face powder, blusher and bronzer, but even they were kept a year longer than they should be according to the survey.
* MAC Vera Pearlmatte Face Powder in Sunday Afternoon, pounds 21.50 From the new Vera collection out next month, this circular blush is picture perfect to look at.
Clarins Colour Definition 3D Radiance Face Powder | pounds 30 A limited edition, this Scrabble board compact is almost too pretty to use.
Lip products, foundation, face powder, mascara and nail polish are the top cosmetic products that Pakistani women buy and cannot go without.
Items in the collection include Color Wheel Mosaic Powder, Hot Rocks Radiant Face Powder, Cheek2Cheek Duo Blusher and Eye shadow Quads, as well as a lip gloss and a powder blush.
In Ode to Limelight, a solitary dressing table stands with its mirror aglow, personal items strewn across its surface: a pack of Winstons, some theatrical face powder, a grease stick labeled "Clown White," and a penny (for good luck?).
There's face powder,lipstick, hanky,money,credit cards and my door keys.That's all a girl really needs.
To keep her face shine-free, Goodman wears a little face powder along with some lipstick.
Researchers working on the project anticipate that these tiny polystyrene beads will be used in the calibration of tools that measure microscopic particles in ground powders -- be they grains of cake flour, face powder, paint pigment or the silver used in photographic emulsions.
Soap | & Glory Glow All Out Luminizing Face Powder, PS11 ( - "Soap & Glory's highlighting powder, which is called Glow All Out, is really, really good.
Clinique Blended Face Powder in ace Powder in Snowflake linique Snowflake Dreams, PS23 GIVE your face some festive sparkle with this brand new fun powder Inspired by The nspired by The Nutcracker ballet, it is perfect for Nutcracker ballet, it is perfect for shoulders, neck and chest especially if especially if you have a you have a low-cut dress for the party season.