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face mask

1. A barrier device used in infection control to prevent health care providers from breathing or coughing on patients. It is also employed to prevent patients' sneezes and sputum from making contact with the health care provider's face or eyes or from being inhaled.
2. A device that covers the mouth, nose, or both of a patient who requires positive-pressure, noninvasive ventilation or continuous positive pressure-ventilation (CPAP).
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Face mask

The simplest way of delivering a high level of oxygen to patients with ARDS or other low-oxygen conditions.


1. the anterior aspect of the head from the forehead to the chin, inclusive.
2. any presenting aspect or surface.

face fly
Muscaautumnalis, a vector for infectious bovine keratoconjunctivitis in the USA.
face louse
face mask
used in the semi-open method of anesthesia which ensures that all of the inspired air and gas passes through a mask and is exited to the atmosphere. Several patent masks are available for use in animals, e.g. Cox and Schimmelbush masks.
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Our customers have relied on Kimberly-Clark Health Care and now Halyard Health to provide consistent and dependable products that are compliant with the latest standards, and we are proud to expand our face mask product line and be a singular source to best meet those needs.
This collection is ideal for all skin types, and is available in a Face Mask ($15 / single mask treatment; $60 / monthly treatment of 4 masks) and Anytime Serum Roller ($40).
The protocol mandated the use of face masks for all lumbar punctures, and it was disseminated to all clinical areas where lumbar punctures were performed.
Washington, Mar 1 ( ANI ): Demand for face mask is so high in China that, they are now in short supply in Beijing, according to reports.
The launch of new Crystal Veil Mask Bokin 24 Mint is designed to not only help to keep face masks as germ- and pollen-free as possible but also provide "minty-fresh" relief during Japan's hard-hitting hay fever months so that consumers will be able to get the most out of their day with added ease and comfort.
Surgical face masks are an important product used by surgeons, doctors and nurses to help prevent the spread of germs from noses and mouths into patients' wounds, reducing the number of postoperative wound infections.
Launching the face mask at a conference in Geneva, workers of Viroblock SA, its makers, demonstrated its qualities.
COOLING: Tea Tree Face Mask, 100ml PS10, The Body Shop, above.
The results suggest that face masks mav effectively reduce individuals' air pollutant exposure and lower associated cardiovascular risks.
With a patent-pending design, SecureFit[TM] earloop medical face masks are meant to en able wearers to quickly and easily adjust the mask for a more secure and customized fit.
A new and smaller model, Quattro FX provides an effective alternative to conventional full face masks.
The wholesale providers will supply 2 million face masks in the next few days in Kyrgyzstan to protect from and prevent A/H1N1.