eyewear, protective

eyewear, protective,

n 1. the goggles or safety glasses that are worn to protect the eyes from dust and debris while using dental powders or trimmers in the preparation of a study cast.
n 2. the goggles or safety glasses worn to protect the dental care worker or the patient from accidental eye exposure to blood or other body fluids, or to prevent accidental injury from dental instruments. Pediatric patients or patients with sensitive eyes may be given shaded glasses or goggles to protect the eyes from the brightness of the dental examination lamp.
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Canada had been actively donating non-lethal military supplies, including helmets, ballistic eyewear, protective vests, first aid kits, tents, sleeping bags, winter coats, Gore-Tex boots, tactical communications gear, bomb disposal equipment, medical kits, night vision goggles and winterized kits, among others.
The virtual trade show showcases exhibitors of various safety supply equipment for manufacturing, construction, masonry, mining, laboratory, power plant, MRO and other applications such as knee, hearing, head & hand protection, ear plugs, lockout devices, identification products, eyewear, protective clothing, safety storage systems, first aid supplies, eyewash fountains, security, alarms, warning signs, ergonomics, emergency preparedness, steel toe boots & other foot protection as well as respiratory, spill control supplies, safety training videos and allied products.
After more than two decades developing Wiley X eyewear, Protective Optics Inc.
Personal protective equipment (appropriate use of gloves, masks, eyewear, protective apparel, and utility gloves)?