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Subjective symptoms of ocular fatigue, discomfort, lacrimation, and headaches arising from use of the eyes.
Synonym(s): eyestrain
[G. astheneia, weakness, + ōps, eye]
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Pain and fatigue of the eyes, often accompanied by headache, resulting from prolonged use of the eyes, uncorrected defects of vision, or an imbalance of the eye muscles.
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Term used to describe any symptoms associated with the use of the eyes. The causes of asthenopia are numerous: sustained near vision, either when the accommodation amplitude is low or hypermetropia is uncorrected (accommodative asthenopia), aniseikonia (aniseikonic a.), astigmatism (astigmatic a.), pain in the eye (asthenopia dolens), heterophoria (heterophoric a.), ocular inflammation (asthenopia irritans), hysteria (nervous a.), uncorrected presbyopia (presbyopic a.), improper illumination (photogenous a.) or retinal disease (retinal a.). Syn. eyestrain; near point stress (NPS) (although this term is restricted to any symptoms arising from near vision). See convergence excess; convergence insufficiency; divergence insufficiency; visual fatigue; ocular headache.
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Lower the color temperature of your screen so that it will give off less blue light, which is linked to more eyestrain.
Apply the 20/20/20 rule, and look 20 feet away for 20 seconds every 20 minutes to help reduce the constant eyestrain associated with the close proximity of your computer monitor--and make an appointment to have your eyes checked if you haven't done so recently.
Need for the Study: Almost every day an ophthalmologist comes across a patient who is an emmetrope but complains of eyestrain. In general practice we tend to ignore the symptom of eyestrain if the patient is an emmetrope; this study highlights that there are several other causes which should be investigated before labeling a patient as a malingerer.
Individualize for comfortable reading Change the Font * Veranda is recommended Increase screen resolution & * The better the resolution the clearer the image * The larger the font size the easier to see Adjust contrast and * Not too bright and not too dim brightness Clean your screen * Keep free of fingerprints and dust Place document holders * Place at eye level Eyestrain Internal Symptoms (accommodative External Symptoms (dry eye, stress, convergence stress, or glare, up gaze, small font, uncorrected refractive error) flicker, or environmental factors) * Aches or pain felt inside the eye * Burning * Headache * Ocular dryness * Diplopia (double vision) * Irritation or tearing * Blurring * Strain
A IT'S not known to cause blindness but it can cause eyestrain, blurred vision and dry eyes - symptoms of computer vision syndrome.
Daylight has been associated with improved mood, increased energy, enhanced morale, lower fatigue, and reduced eyestrain. Research suggests people working in offices with appropriate levels of daylight demonstrate increased levels of wellbeing, reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.
To prevent eyestrain, the device's scan angle minimizes screen glare and provides high readability under varying lighting conditions.
The backlight intensity can be adjusted to 20, 40, 60 or 80 percent, reducing eyestrain and improving readability.
Choosing an option that displays light text on a black background, instead of the default of dark text on a white background, means that much less light is shining into your eyes every second, which can greatly reduce eyestrain.
They can also cause muscle and joint problems and eyestrain.
Dr Howarth added: "Although people have reported experiencing symptoms when watching 3D content, specifically headaches and eyestrain, there have been no studies which have detected any permanent damage caused as a result of 3D.