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1. The faculty of sight; vision.
2. Range of vision; view.
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Patient discussion about eyesight

Q. Does eyesight always decrease with age? I am 45 years old and never had glasses. All my friends are starting to wear reading glasses. Should I expect this too?

A. This is what usually happens; your eyesight deteriorates as you get older. Here is a link to a few things you can do in order to protect your eyesight:

Q. Should I have eye laser surgery? I am 17 and have been wearing glasses since I was a kid. I was thinking of having an eye laser surgery in order to fix my eyesight. What are the risks?

A. i had the surgery done almost a year and a half ago, i love it,the risk is minamal,do it,u won"t regret it,i now have 20/15 vision, and i was blind as a bat before,20/15 is over perfect vision!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They said that they visited an eye hospital at Odigram Swat for treatment of weak eyesight where they were diagnosed with cataracts and the doctors suggested surgery to them.
There are around 3,000 deaths and serious injuries each year caused by drivers with poor eyesight.
"It is the responsibility of drivers to ensure that their eyesight meets the minimum requirements.
The actress, who plays Dot Cotton, has revealed that her eyesight is failing and she can no longer respond to fan mail.
Subaru's EyeSight Driver Assist Technology is available on the new Subaru Forester as well, which includes automatic pre-collision braking, pre-collision throttle management, adaptive cruise control, lead vehicle alert, lane departure and lane sway warning.
The partnership and joint product will bring Eyesight's lifesaving Edge-based Driver Monitoring System to the commercial truck industry in China, to help reduce accidents caused by driver drowsiness and inattentiveness.
ODM leader Raila Odinga's daughter Rosemary is adjusting to new life after losing her eyesight.
Summary: Raindrop Near Vision Inlay is surgically implanted in the eyes to improve eyesight
EyeSight is Subaru's advanced driver assist technology, which acts as a second pair of eyes for the driver.
EyeSight uses two stereo cameras to capture three-dimensional colour images with excellent image recognition and, say Subaru, is nearly as capable as the human eye.
DRIVERS with poor eyesight could face having their driving licence taken away at the roadside by the police.