eyeglass frame

frame, eyeglass

1. Synonym for spectacles. 2. Synonym for rimless spectacles.
Millodot: Dictionary of Optometry and Visual Science, 7th edition. © 2009 Butterworth-Heinemann
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The OrCam MyEye is a lightweight wireless device that can be magnetically mounted to an eyeglass frame. It recognizes text, banknotes, human faces, colors, patterns, etc., and describes them to users through the built-in speaker or Bluetooth devices, helping visually challenged users to complete daily tasks more easily and independently.
In this case, Antonio's photo showed an eye with a bent eyeglass frame in front.
To help Filipino consumers get the best product at the best price, Vision Express offers a 'First Frame Free' service wherein clients can have their eyeglass frame for free if they purchase lenses worth PhP2,490 and up.
But probably the hardest and most crucial step in getting a Sunnies Specs pair is choosing the eyeglass frame. There are over 130 styles to choose from, but if you think about it, that's more like a happy problem.
While the sale will charge the standard price for Google Glass Explorer headsets, 1,500 dollars, it will also give away free sunglasses shade or eyeglass frame, the report added.
The two assistants are being trained to help with eyeglass frame fitting, a service the POW optometry clinic hasn't been able to offer in the past unless someone from the Sitka optometry clinic was in town.
Rush), 2007, a totemic sculpture that drolly balances a feather atop an eyeglass frame atop a narrow column of wood.
By noting that the explosion that killed photographer Vienna Linn also blew the lenses from his eyeglass frame, Norman is also reminding us that Linn, a connoisseur of catastrophes, has also been perverting the clarity of vision usually associated with his trade.
Made of low-glare plastic, they are nonperforated for solid protection and are designed to slide or clip onto any eyeglass frame.
To help keep the changing perspectives realistic, a CAVE user wears an eyeglass frame fitted with an electromagnetic or ultrasonic tracking device.
Monocle, 1998, is half an eyeglass frame, a single lens with the arms extending back on either side, as if the head of its wearer were only a couple of inches wide.