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Any medicinal substance dropped in liquid form onto the conjunctiva.

In applying eyedrops, the head should be held back; the drops will not pass from under the upper lid to under the lower lid or vice versa. The smaller the eyedrops, the better. Too much liquid in the eye causes the patient to blink, and the medication is then washed away by the increased lacrimal secretion.


Many medicines are not absorbed from the conjunctiva; they may be readily absorbed from the nasolacrimal duct. For this reason, esp. in children, it is advisable to close off the duct by applying pressure to the inner canthus of the eye for a few minutes after each instillation.
See: Opthalmic Drops and Ointments
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Q. I went to the doctor a few weeks ago and she told me that Visine was not very good for my eyes. Why is that? I like to use a few drops every other day to make me feel fresh and remove the redness from my eyes. Do you know if I need to watch out or use another product?

A. try refresh its like your own tears,REFRESH eye drops

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By contrast, Bio-Logic executives point out, conventional eyedrops flood the tear film, washing away beneficial proteins and the eye's protective lipid layer.
"Consumers of allergy eyedrops are generally younger than consumers of dry-eye drops, so we include every adult age-group in our television commercials.
A: Nature's Tears EyeMist is the first optical application to utilize a mist rather than eyedrops. By misting the eyes with micron-size moisture droplets the tear film's moisture concentration is restored.
Rohto V and Rohto Zi are eyedrops formulated to provide relief for particular lifestyle situations--for example, a lubricant/redness-reliever eyedrops for eyes tired from staring at a computer screen.
Cineraria homeopathic eyedrops, one drop in each eye, two to three times per day, best taken at least 30 minutes apart from other eyedrops.
For a person who is experiencing itchy or watery eyes, antihistamine eyedrops would usually be recommended as it's a targeted therapy which gets directly to the area of the problem.
To prevent from acquiring this disease, the DOH said that the public should frequently wash their hands, minimize hand-to-eye contact, use personal kits like towels, make-up, sunglasses, and eyedrops, disinfect materials usually touched by hands, and wash clothes, pillow cases, and anything else which may have contact with a person infected with sore eyes.
Timolol Eyedrops. Severe hyperkalemia occurred in a patient with glaucoma following the use of timolol maleate eyedrops, but the serum potassium level normalized upon discontinuation of the eyedrops [11].
Choi, "Application of umbilical cord serum eyedrops for the treatment of dry eye syndrome," Cornea, vol.
The patient was followed up only with preservative free eyedrops for two weeks instilled every hour when she was awake.
"Some provide more watery component, others more lipid, and some are thicker and better for using before you go to sleep at night." She adds that many eyedrops contain preservatives to prevent contamination.
Micelles offered a much more efficient delivery mechanism for this agent than standard methods, such as adding the polysaccharide adhesive chitosan to help eyedrops remain longer in the eye.