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the ball or globe of the eye; called also bulbus oculi, bulb of eye, and globus.
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(ī'bawl), [TA]
The eye proper without the appendages.
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1. The globe-shaped portion of the eye surrounded by the socket and covered externally by the eyelids.
2. The eye itself.
3. An overhead light fixture that is mounted on a swivel in a recessed socket so the light can be directed in any direction.
tr.v. eye·balled, eye·balling, eye·balls Informal
1. To look over carefully; scrutinize.
2. To measure or estimate roughly by sight: eyeballed the area of the wall that needed paint.
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(ī'bawl) [TA]
The eye proper without the appendages.
Synonym(s): bulbus oculi [TA] , bulb of eye.
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The globe of the eye without its appendages. See appendages of the eye.
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Patient discussion about eyeball

Q. How to get rid of puffy eyes? After partying all night, I woke up with puffy eyes. I have an important appointment today, how can I get rid of it?

A. I found a website with tricks on how to get rid of puffy eyes:

Q. What age does eye sight stabilizes? I was just wondering at what age does your eye sight usually level off and stop getting worse? Any ideas much appreciated!

A. It will stabilize in a few years-age of 26-27.That is the average age people perform lasik surgery.
It is also the age the eye is fully grown.
Don't worry it will not get much worse maybe about -0,75.
Take care

Q. What Causes Dry Eyes? I have been suffering from eye dryness lately, what causes this situation?

A. Dry eyes are often caused when the lacrimal gland does not produce sufficient tears to keep the entire conjunctiva and cornea, that are normally covered by a complete layer of tear film. This usually occurs in people who are otherwise healthy. Increased age is associated with decreased tearing. if it causes you real discomfort talk to a doctor.

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