eye wash station

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eye wash sta·tion

(ī wawsh stāshŭn)
A unit that attaches to a water supply and provides a gentle stream of water; used for emergency irrigation to remove contaminants from the ocular area.

eye wash station,

n a cleansing receptacle set apart for the purpose of emergencies in which the eyes must be quickly flushed with water.
eyeglass, postmydriatic
n a disposable protective eyewear made of pliable plastic material, handed out by ophthalmologists to patients whose pupils have been dilated during a mydriatic examination.
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Submarines are authorized to have emergency eyewash bottles in Nucleonics and Secondary Sample Sink in lieu of plumbed eye wash stations and may install additional eye wash bottle stations when desired.
Are all eye wash stations and personal eye wash bottle locations distinctly marked with highly visible signs?
4 gallons per minute for 15 consecutive minutes), the eyepiece fixture has the proper covers attached and that they pop off upon activation of the water, and ensure the eye wash station has not been removed or disassembled.
Are approved eye wash bottles readily available, in sufficient quantities in lieu of permanent or portable eye wash stations in nucleonics/water chemistry and secondary analysis stations?
Eye wash stations and personal eye wash bottle locations were not distinctly marked with a highly visible sign (white on green background, NSN 9905-01345-4521).
Battery racks, chargers, changers, eye wash stations, showers, and exhaust systems to vent the gases produced during the charging process are all key components of a safe battery room.
TSgt Doggett also identified the need to assign building custodians for the unit's three new tents and assisted in bringing the squadron facilities into compliance by procuring smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and eye wash stations and conducting clamshell door operation training.
The inspection checks that laboratory safety equipment such as safety showers and eye wash stations are working and checks the velocities of fume hoods.
Your study of 10 states found that a third of the labs did not have eye wash stations, for instance, and about one in five did not have enough protective goggles for every student.
For starters, storage areas in Hart High's science department were modernized with such features as fire-proof cabinets and new eye wash stations.
He noticed that eye wash stations in his shop did not have signs posted per AFOSH STD 91-32.