eye glasses

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eye glasses

transparent lenses held in metal or plastic frames in front of the eyes to correct refractive errors or to protect the eyes from harmful electromagnetic waves or flying objects.

Patient discussion about eye glasses

Q. My myopic son is wearing power glasses. Are there any other nutritional supplements to support eye sight? My myopic son is wearing power glasses from the age of 2 years. His power is not very high yet but the rate of his eye power is doubling every year. Doctor had given him some medicines and had told him to have lots of carrots. We are giving him carrot juice every day. But soon he stopped taking it for some months. But he is having juice now but I wish to know are there any other nutritional supplements to support eye sight?

A. eating carrots can help people who suffers from vitamin A or beta-carotene deficiency. which leads to poor night vision. but that's it. there is no reason to eat tremendous amounts of carrots, there are food supplements that will help you achieve it without becoming orange. anyway, getting too much vitamin A can be toxic.
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It's the sale that will bring affordable, quality eye glasses to wearers across the region.
There is a shop in Abu Dhabi which also helps us by providing new eye glasses for Dh5-Dh10 for those who want to pay in cash," she said.
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The specialist doctors examined the patients including children and women and provided eye glasses and medicines free of cost.
About 538 patients provided free eye glasses and 115 different laboratory tests conducted.
Dr Sheikh said we also attend patients with problems of use of eye glasses and contact lenses and advise them to use eye glasses and contact lenses carefully and of good quality.