exudative bronchiolitis

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inflammation of the bronchioles due to a viral infection; children are more often affected than adults.
Clinical features of severe bronchiolitis in an infant. From Lissauer and Graham, 2002.
bronchiolitis exudati´va (exudative bronchiolitis) inflammation of the bronchioles with exudation of Curschmann's spirals (coiled mucinous fibrils) and gray, tenacious sputum; often associated with asthma.
bronchiolitis fibro´sa obli€´terans chronic bronchiolitis with ingrowth of connective tissue from the wall of the terminal bronchi and occlusion of their lumina; it may be a complication of connective tissue disease or heart-lung transplant, and in children it may follow an acute attack of bronchiolitis or pneumonia.
bronchiolitis obli€´terans (obliterative bronchiolitis) bronchiolitis fibrosa obliterans.
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ex·u·da·tive bron·chi·ol·i·tis

inflammation of the bronchioles, with fibrinous exudation.
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