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1. a person whose interest is turned outward.
2. to turn one's interest outward to the external world.
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(eks'tră-vĕrt), Avoid the misspelling/mispronunciation extrovert.
A gregarious person whose chief interests lie outside the self, and who is socially self-confident and involved in the affairs of others. Compare: introvert.
Synonym(s): extrovert
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An extroverted person.
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A gregarious person whose chief interests lie outside the self, and who is socially self confident and involved in the affairs of others.
Synonym(s): extravert
Compare: introvert
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There's been much debate in popular culture recently about the advantages and disadvantages extroverts have in the workplace, but it often overlooks the scientific literature, a recent study pointed out.
[9] In the Extrovert and Introvert dimension Blood Group A and AB showed same pattern, whereas Blood Groups B and O showed almost similar pattern [Table-4].
Her initial years in Bollywood saw her play the bubbly, carefree girl, but actor Anushka Sharma says she has now progressed in her career and moved beyond "extroverted roles".
Introverts make up roughly one-third to one-half of the average company's leadership and staff, yet their contributions are often stunted and unnoticed in favor of easy-going extroverts. The experts say that's just not good business.
On the other hand, extroverts are seen as of the 'better' nature.
Each area comprises two opposites which makes 16 different personality styles based on the variations in the personality preferences.10 The results of the current study showed that approximately half of the students were extroverted and half were introverted.
In addition to the Extrovert line, Logic Supply will also offer customers the ability to preload SIMs from a range of carriers.
If just a few fit, you're likely more an extrovert. If you fall somewhere in between, you're probably an ambivert.
The findings, based on an analysis of data on 150,000 UK residents gathered through the BBC's Big Personality Test, go on to show that adults who are more extrovert are more likely to earn higher salaries.
rsial ality care Would-be tram drivers will be tested to weed out candidates who are either quiet, introverted types or noisy extroverts. d ypes Lothian Buses, who will operate the trams, drivers who are too grumpy and withdrawn over-familiar will create a bad impression on visitors fear wn or sitors and commuters to the Instead they want recruit a squad ambiverts - people who just right.
The MBTI, which is based on Jungian personality theory, uses a series of questions, refined through research, to identify an individual's communication style among four categories: 1) extrovert or introvert, 2) sensing or intuitive, 3) thinker or feeler and 4) judger or perceiver.
What is the difference between an introvert and an extrovert? Why does this matter?