extreme capsule

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ex·treme cap·sule

the thin layer of white matter separating the claustrum from the cortex of the insula, probably representing largely corticopetal and corticofugal fibers of the insular cortex.
Synonym(s): capsula extrema [TA]
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One important point is that in the majority of the cases the insular arteries primarily supply the insular cortex, extreme capsule, and, occasionally, the claustrum and external capsule, but not the putamen, globus pallidus, or internal capsule, which are vascularized by the lateral lenticulostriate arteries (LLAs), although some thicker branches from M2 may anastomose with the LAAs.
Recent evidence highlights two candidate pathways, the arcuate bundle and the extreme capsule, but their role in the evolution of human cognition, and specifically language, remains highly disputed.
Symmetrical bilateral hyperintensities on T2W images were also seen in external capsule, internal capsule, fornix, extreme capsule, corpus callosum and head of caudate nucleus.