Outside the field of vision, or beyond the visible spectrum.
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This approach would thus integrate both visual and extravisual spectral information within a scene enhancement framework to present the most useful information to the user.
Like the rhetorical discussions of ekphrasis in the Progymnasmata, the Imagines knows that its ekphrastic project simultaneously does and does not affect envisioning "before the eyes." For Philostratus, the attempt to summon up pictures consequently serves as an opportunity to probe the extravisual modes by which we view.
Learning and recognition of the patterns thus activated identical visual regions, but different extravisual regions.
Seeing celestial objects in a different light is just part of this text, which explores all manner of extravisual imaging methods, from sonar and fluoroscopes to "T-ray" submillimeter imaging and the X-ray vision that lets researchers peer underneath the layers of paint of classical artwork.
This study contributes to the view that extravisual sensory cues are indeed taken into account when driving an automobile and can be effectively provided by motion cuing systems in driving simulators.