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If a patient makes an IgG antibody to the drug, that antibody can bind to the drug-coated RBC and facilitate extravascular hemolysis (2).
Eurogene and Valentis have an additional collaboration underway through which Valentis has provided a proprietary DOTMA-based cationic lipid delivery system for a non-viral VEGF165 gene medicine administered via Eurogene's biodegradable extravascular delivery collar.
The clinical usefulness of extravascular lung water and pulmonary vascular permeability index to diagnose and characterize pulmonary edema: A prospective multicenter study on the quantitative differential diagnostic definition for acute lung injury/acute respiratory distress syndrome.
For both methods, there is also the assumption that the extravascular water content of the myocardium and non-pulmonary vessels is insignificant in comparison to the total EVLW (48).
Disseminated intravascular coagulation, defined as capillary microthrombi occurring in 2 or more organs, occurred in twothirds of CM cases that had extravascular pathologic signs.
Most cases of PEH are of the intravascular type; extravascular PEH is rare.
Extravascular sources of septicemia--contaminated vascular-access devices (eg, arterial lines or central venous catheters), urinary catheters, or other foreign devices--can also provide ports for bacteria to exploit the oxygen and nutrient-rich environment of the circulatory system.
2] The rapid increase in intravascular volume associated with the absoption of a large amount of fluid dilutes plasma electrolytes and proteins, resulting in a decreased oncotic pressure and movement of fluids into the extravascular space (third-spacing of fluids).
Proleukin administration has been associated with capillary leak syndrome (CLS) which is characterized by a loss of vascular tone and extravasation of plasma proteins and fluid into the extravascular space.
In addition, LDL readily becomes oxidized (oxLDL) when entrapped in the extravascular space, and recent data demonstrates this negatively impacts tendon cell phenotype, altering normal gene expression.
Thus, Increasing concentration of proinflammatory cytokines, specially IL-6, in the inflammation process, inhibits albumin synthesis in the hepatocytes, as well as increases albumin catabolism and redistribution to the extravascular compartment, the end result is reduced circulatory albumin level.